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Rumen cannulation of sheep by Hecker method - a case study
Journal - Sri Lanka Veterinary Journal (volume: 66 (1))
Volume - 66 (1)
Year - 2019
Page Number - 27
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Clinical Communication

S.L.Vet.J. 2019, 66 (1): 27-30

Rumen cannulation of sheep by Hecker method - a case study

K. Nizanantha1, W.M.N.K. Jayathilake1, M.W.I.N.B. Makuloluwa1, W.M.T.D. Rathnakumara1 and W.M.P.B. Weerasinghe2

1Department of Farm Animal Production and Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal
Science, University of Peradeniya, 2Sri Lanka Veterinary Research Institute, Gannoruwa,
Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

SUMMARY: A modified fistulation technique described by Hecker in 1969 was adopted for the first time in Sri Lanka in sheep, in order to establish a cannulated rumen fistula. Pre-operative procedures included administration of tetanus toxoid 14 days prior to surgery, withholding feed and water for twenty-four hours, Vitamin B-complex and antibiotic injections on the day prior to surgery, and preparation of the left flank region for surgery. Immediately prior to the surgery parenteral analgesic injection was administered and left para-vertebral nerve block was performed. The rumen wall was exteriorized through a laparotomy incision and a metal clamp was applied. Simple interrupted sutures were placed using nylon through the skin, rumen wall and the clamp. After 7 – 9 days the exteriorized rumen wall sloughed off leaving a fistula. A tight rubber cannula was inserted through the fistula and the cannula was closed with a ring and stopper. The antibiotic and analgesic were repeated post-operatively for three days. The cannulated animals were used for a one-year research project and the animals were clinically normal throughout the project.

How to Cite: Nizanantha, K., Jayathilake, W.M.N.K., Makuloluwa, M.W.I.N.B., Rathnakumara, W.M.T.D. and Weerasinghe, W.M.P.B., 2019. Rumen cannulation of sheep by Hecker method - a case study. Sri Lanka Veterinary Journal, 66(1), pp.27–30. DOI:

Keywords: Rumen cannulation, Sheep, Hecker method